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This Necktube illustration represent the world speed record from a 100cc motorcycle in Monza circuit.

In 1956, the Ducati 100 Siluro zoomed around the Monza circuit on a cloudy, fall Friday. The sharp, faired motorcycle designed by an aeronautical engineer and produced by Carrozzeria Tibaldi was ready to break every speed record, and win every race in its class.

Ducati 100 “Siluro” was designed specifically to break the speed record on the Monza racetrack. At the time people were fascinated by speed records

The Siluro set five new records in the 250 class, even though the engine was only 100 cc. The model completed the fastest lap at an average speed of 170 km/h, with an average on 1,000 km of over 160 km/h

Necktube - MONZA

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