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A T-Shirt about one of the greatest classic movies of motorcycling culture. “On Any Sunday” film was the inspiration for this tee. The “point of view” was the key for this illustration, influenced by what Bruce Brown do with the film, he focus on pass the point of view of the motorcycle racers and the way of living.
“On Any Sunday” was directed and edited by Bruce Brown, who had made his name  with “The Endless Summer”, which introduced the wider world to the surf scene, it followed the exploits of professional motorcycle racers plying their trade, knee-down and throttle cranked wide open, around America.
The footage in “On Any Sunday” is remarkable for the era. The flat-track oval races come to life in a blaze of colour and chaos. How Brown managed to cover events like the Baja 1000 desert race, in Mexico, at a time when cameras were big and bulky.
Brown was determined to capture the sport of motorcycling from his own unique perspective and lens. Along with his friends Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, and Mert Lawwill, Brown directed his camera at the action while focusing on the various disciplines of motorcycle racing. Some of the actors use cameras attached to their helmets in order to capture a unique perspective of riding.





  • Premium 155gr

    100% Organic Cotton

    Sand Color

    ECO Digital Printing - water based ink

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