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This BLACK LIGHTNING t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and is the perfect addition to any motorcycle enthusiast's wardrobe. It has a Special Moon Grey heather color and a 155g cotton weight. The design is an original hand-drawn illustration by a professional artist which is printed with eco-friendly inks. Plus, all our products are packed in plastic-free cardboard tubes for a more sustainable approach.

The Vincent Black Lightning stands as an iconic legend in the world of motorcycles, celebrated not only for its remarkable speed and power but also for its rarity and timeless allure. Introduced by the British manufacturer Vincent HRD in the 1940s, the Black Lightning quickly established itself as one of the fastest production motorcycles of its era.

Powered by a potent 998cc V-twin engine, meticulously handcrafted for performance, the Black Lightning was designed with racing in mind. Its featherweight frame, aggressive styling, and advanced engineering allowed it to dominate the racetracks, setting numerous land speed records and winning prestigious competitions.

What truly sets the Vincent Black Lightning apart, aside from its outstanding speed, is its scarcity. With only a handful of these motorcycles ever produced, each one carries an air of exclusivity that captivates collectors and enthusiasts alike. The combination of its rarity, historical significance, and unparalleled performance has elevated the Black Lightning to a realm of motorcycling mythology.

Decades after its initial introduction, the Vincent Black Lightning continues to command attention, with some examples fetching astronomical prices at auctions. Its legacy lives on as a symbol of speed, innovation, and the undying passion for the open road, making it a timeless embodiment of the golden age of motorcycling.





  • Premium 155gr

    100% Organic Cotton

    Moon Grey Heather Color

    ECO Digital Printing - water based ink

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